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About Us

Msong is a Kenyan Company started in 2016 november with an aim to help musicians, DJs, Artistes and performers reap the full benefits of their artistry work. Our aim is to ensure that they reach as many people as possible and fans manage to buy music directly from the comfort of their phones.

What we do

  • To create sustainable jobs and revenue through music distribution and consumption.
  • To create a self sustainable youth generation that is able to exploit and use their talents for the betterment of themselves and the community at large
  • To create a platform that makes music available to everyone irrespective of region at an affordable fee.
  • To work towards vision 2030 through the enablement of technology and job creation.
  • To help curb music piracy by making music readily available to consumers.
  • To provide a platform that is neutral to all music lovers irrespective of age by making the platform readily available through Till numbers and SMS cards

Key Note

MSONG PLUS is a company carrying on the business of Mobile Application Technology and we are also

involved in production ,Sale and delivery of ringtones ,true tones ,wallpapers ,video, ring – back-
tones ,animations ,mobile radio content song mail for Mobile Telecommunication Telephone and online business

At MSONG PLUS we collaborate with different Artists (Musicians) all around Kenya so as to promote the
African culture as we also support and believing in our Local talents and capabilities of our artists
(Musicians). Through this we have been able to come up with ingenious ways to support and
appreciate our artists by creating avenues where they can interact with their fans and supporters
both directly and indirectly.
This initiatives to support local talent has earned as the trust of more than 1000 Artists (Musicians)
who we are currently working with through different avenues such as ring back tunes that are
simulated as the Artists (Musicians) songs. The artists (Musicians) themselves have benefited in
terms of reaching out to more people thus gaining a fun base and also financially through
subscriptions made to access their songs.
MSONG PLUS has been a beneficiary of this initiatives to and because of this we would like to say thank
you to the artists (Musicians) by appreciating their efforts to build Kenya, embracing their culture
and its diversity and for production of music that relates and appreciates the beauty of Kenya and
proving that we as Kenyans are rich in talent.


Meet Teddy Mutu Msong plus founder